Radaway – to each their own walk-in shower

Radaway is a young Polish company that has not been behind for two decades. Although young, they are very popular. It can be said that everyone knows them in their homeland.

Radaway became known for its high-quality and top-quality, but affordable shower cabins, which have gained recognition across Europe. By combining innovative ideas and the beauty of forms, they create a unique, aesthetic and practical shower cabin, close to each client's wishes individually. The Radaway product range has many designs for special-shaped rooms. Also different hinge systems, sliding door, various types of glass material. If there is no suitable shower cabin in the standard offer, Radaway will be able to set a model, shape and dimensions for its space on the www.konfigurator.radaway.eu website, to obtain a calculation of the expected retail price and use it as a query to order the product.

From Radaway's point of view, there are no problems, there are only solutions.

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