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Roca, Europe’s largest bathroom furnishings manufacturer, is known as a leader in innovation and new design. Their product range allows for the complete furnishing of a bathroom, offering a wide selection of sanitary ceramics and technology, shower cabins, furniture, accessories, and ceramic tiles. Roca products are designed for those who value quality, functionality, and style.

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The Flagship of European Bathroom Furnishings

Roca’s strength lies in close collaborations with world-famous industrial designers, leading to several significant design solutions. This includes names like David Chipperfield, Ramón Benedito, and Giorgio Armani, with whom they’ve created the exclusive Armani/Roca brand. This approach ensures Roca products are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, bringing contemporary design into every bathroom. Roca continues to solidify its position in innovation and quality, defining the future of bathroom furnishings.

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