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Part of the Grespania Group, Coverlam specializes in the manufacture and sale of products known for their innovative features and design. Their continuous investment in production and design solutions, along with a strong commitment to the environment, has secured the company a global leadership reputation. COVERLAM is the result of years of research and development, representing a new era in porcelain.


Innovation and Aesthetics in Porcelain

Thanks to lamination pressing technology, Coverlam can produce large-format porcelain tiles, measuring up to 1200×3600 mm and 1620×3240 mm, with a thickness of up to 3.5 mm, while maintaining the mechanical and aesthetic properties of porcelain. This technological achievement expands the possibilities of porcelain use, offering new and exciting opportunities in construction and interior design, opening doors to new innovations and design solutions. Coverlam is a true innovator, bringing to the market solutions that combine functionality and aesthetics to enrich contemporary spaces.

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