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Founded in 1920, Svedbergs has specialized in bathroom furniture production since 1962. Today, Svedbergs is recognized as a leader in the Scandinavian region, offering comprehensive and high-quality bathroom solutions. The company’s mission is to create products that are not only functional but also stylishly designed, providing users with comfort and aesthetic pleasure. Their approach to product development, production, and marketing is symbiotic, based on continuous communication and collaboration to ensure the best possible outcomes.


Spaces Created for Living and Enjoying

Svedbergs stands out with its high-level design, combining respect for Nordic craftsmanship traditions and a focus on innovation. Their products are synonymous with the modern bathroom, offering users comfort and functionality. Colors, shapes, and functions are carefully chosen and designed to fit together in various combinations, allowing customers to create their unique and personalized bathroom. Svedbergs’ products are not just bathroom furnishings but lifestyle expressions created for enjoyment and living.

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