Glass mosaics

Glass mosaics

Although glass mosaic tiles have been widely used for centuries to decorate steam baths, washrooms, kitchens or bathrooms, there are many other uses for this product in the home. Modern trendy glass mosaics help to create a look in bedrooms and complement the interior design of the living rooms. Glass mosaic is also one of the most widely used materials for covering swimming pools and pool rooms.

Made mainly of recycled glass, the mosaic tiles are easy to install and clean, and thanks to a very wide range of colors and patterns, this is the ideal material to illustrate your interior design.


Since 1988, VIDREPUR has been one of the largest glass mosaic manufacturers in the world. Experts in their field and innovative designs allow VIDREPUR to present collections that add more personality to the room. Vidrepur's commitment to quality and the environment is reflected in their management principles. VIDREPUR mosaics are entirely made in Spain and are made of 99% recycled material.

Autumn trends 2020.

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