VIPEX International

Vipex Ltd. is an international wholesale, trading and manufacturing company with additional branches in logistics and production management services. Our main lines of business are production of high-quality interior decoration and building materials, natural stones, furniture, sanitary ware, commodities and household products.

VIPEX Marine

Vipex Marine was created in 2014 as a branch to Vipex AS that deals with boats and boat equipment. Vipex Marine is a mix of high-quality and innovative products, which are designed for water related activities. We know how expensive your free time is and we want to make this time for you enjoyable and memorable. Vipex Marine takes care, so your free time goes flying by.


Vipex Home combines brands and products that will make your home more joyful, comfortable and cosy. Home is a place where you should feel equally gratifying after tiring workday, exciting movie experience or refreshing workout. Cushy and cosy home is the most important ingredient of true happiness and self-satisfaction. Vipex home was brought to life to make you happy at your home. „Vipex Home - helpful in every home!“

Vipex toys

Vipex Toys combines brands and products that every child dreams of. We are dedicated to bring the latest world trends to our customers and dare to wake the inner child in everyone.


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Thalasso Spa Fra Mare
Nordic Hotel Forum Tallinn
Rakvere shopping center Põhjakeskus
Tallink SPA & Conference Hotel
Kolme Roosi villa
Carlsberg Sports Pub


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Personal exhibition of Aivar Juhanson „EV100 Portreed“

Eesti Vabariigi 100. sünnipäevaga seoses on VIPEX AS salongis aadressil Kriidi 10 ajavahemikul 16.veebruarist kuni 15.märtsini 2018 avatud Aivar Juhansoni personaalnäitus „EV 100 Portreed“.   Sündmuse ülevaade Juhanson on portreteerinud kokku ligi 2000 tuntud ühiskonnategelast, poliitikut, kultuuritegelast ja muidu tuntud inimest meie keskelt. Näitusel tuleb esitlemisele sada portreed.Juhansoni teatakse eelkõige nädalalehe Eesti Ekspress persooniloo rubriigis igal nädalal ilmuvate šaržide järgi, kuid esitlemisele tuleb ka kunstniku muud loomingut. Alates 16. veebruarist 2018 saab tema teoseid vaadata VIPEXi salongis, kus on traditsioon tutvustada vabariigi aastapäeval avatavate näitustega kohalike kunstnike loomingut.Juhansoni kõrgeim rahvusvaheline tunnustus pärineb rahvusvaheliselt illustratsioonikonkursilt World Press Cartoon....

New patterns from Rako

The new Deco series suprises with its rich patterns. Ancient Greek, Tartan, fishtail as well as modern optical patterns can be found on one tile. The hectic combination of different patterns are calmed down by pastel hues. Deco tiles are perfect for decorating bathroom walls, but why not use such decorative tiles non-traditionally on floors.