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Gruppo Treesse

Gruppo Treesse, founded nearly forty years ago by President Francesco Merenda, started by taking over a company specialized in marketing bathroom decorations and accessories. Merenda’s vision and determination soon directed the company towards bathroom furniture production, starting from a small-scale operation and later moving to industrial production. A significant turning point occurred in the late 1980s when Gruppo Treesse expanded its activities to bathtub production, which remains the company’s main activity today, along with multifunctional shower cabins and mini-pools.

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Italian Family Business Traditions and Innovation

Despite changes in the company’s structure over time, two values have remained constant: Gruppo Treesse is still entirely Italian and a family-owned business. Each product is made in the Nepi factory, and all key decision-making positions are held by family members, allowing the company to respond quickly and informedly in any situation, sharing common goals that ensure clarity and decisiveness in the group’s strategic moves.

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