Bathroom furniture

Bathroom furniture

The bathroom is no longer a separate unit in interior design, but is part of a complete interior solution. Usually being the smallest space in a home, planning a bathroom or shower and finding workable solutions is a complex and time-consuming process.

We have tried to design our product range in such a way that there are different styles for every taste. The products offered include a wide range of high-quality bathroom furniture from various European manufacturers. Our product range includes sink cabinets, bathroom cabinets and bathroom shelves, as well as bathroom furniture sets from such well-known manufacturers as Laufen, Roca, Svedbergs, Cersanit and others.


Laufen's products are unique, combining two directions: the emotional Italian design of the South and the Nordic tradition of precision and clarity.

Since the beginning of this century, the sanitary ware manufacturer Laufen has collaborated with world-famous designers. The first innovative design called Il Bagno Alessi comes from a collaboration with Italian architect and designer Stefano Giovannoni. In 2002, a completely new bathroom culture was introduced in the design, based on the emotional theory of psychoanalyst Franco Fornari : round and soft-shaped sanitary ceramics expressing health, care, relaxation and renewal. Within the framework of this cooperation, a pedestal washbasin based on the floor was born, among other things. Read more


Svedbergs was founded in 1920 and have been making quality bathroom furniture since 1962. Today Svedbergs is the market leader in the Nordic region and the company noted on the Stockholm exchange since 1962. Svedbergs belives that you should be able to design and plan your bathroom with products from one supplier. Svedbergs will develop, manufacture, and market the complete bathroom.


Roca, Europe's largest manufacturer of bathroom fittings, is a pioneer in new design, materials and technology. Its products can be used to furnish the entire bathroom - the product portfolio includes sanitary ware and equipment, shower enclosures, furniture, accessories and ceramic tiles. The trump card is the collaboration with dozens and dozens of world-famous industrial designers, to name but a few: David Chipperfield, Ramón Benedito, Giorgio Armani, with whom the Armani / Roca brand has been developed. Read more





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