Wood patterns on ceramics

This year's trend in the world of ceramic tiles is a wide-ranging imitation of natural materials. The technology is at a level that allows companies to make very high-quality prints and create texture, so sometimes you have to have a hand to figure out whether the replicated material is genuine or not. Wood as a material is perfectly copied and sometimes an eye-catching pattern is added to it.

Veneto CERAMICAS, a Spanish ceramic tile manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience, has several examples where wood plays a key role in the design.

1 Veneto Taboo
2 Veneto Molokai
3 Veneto Alter

Seramiksan, a Turkish ceramic products company that started making floor tiles a quarter of a century ago, is now a major player in high-end manufacturing and versatile assortment worldwide. In parallel with technological innovations, they also make a big contribution to interesting design. Their parquet series Aroc creates a genuine wood texture, but also adds a little floral pattern or geometric details.

4 Floral Ceviz Motif 84Bb0
5 Gri Floral Motif 61Bf7
6 Geometrik Ceviz Motif 631F7

The italian manufacturer ERMES CERAMICHE, is one of the carriers of the Italian ceramic tradition, which also contributes to the trendy design. Their series of wooden pattern tiles, Sohowood speaks for itself – the charm of the wood boards corresponds here to the materiality of cement. Dimensions 20 x 121 cm allow for both modern and classic installation options suitable for wall and floor, indoors and outdoors.

7 Ermes Aureliasohowood
Puidumustrid Keraamikal 10

The motto of the Spanish company APAVISA PORCELÁNICO is reuse and invention. They have combined old value with an innovative and rebellious spirit, cold and warm tones with a distinctive texture.

8 Apavisa
Puidumustrid Keraamikal 11

Wood-imitation tiles fit well in wet rooms and living spaces with pets, or also on outdoor terraces because they are resistant to cold, do not absorb water and are wear-resistant. But wood can also create artistically beautiful spaces, such as arcana ceramica, a trend maker for ceramic tiles that used intarsia.

9 Arcanaintarsia
Puidumustrid Keraamikal 12