Timeless styles in the bathroom

The bathroom has taken on a new role. It is now much more than just a place to bathe – it has also become a pleasant place to relax. More and more people are making a room for the bath, not a bathroom. The main inspirations have been mainly Scandinavian and Japanese styles. In their styles purity has been a important part. Today, this perception has led to comfortable, often large bathrooms where you can enjoy and socialize. These rooms are becoming increasingly important in our lifestyle.Continue reading

Wood patterns on ceramics

This year's trend in the world of ceramic tiles is a wide-ranging imitation of natural materials. The technology is at a level that allows companies to make very high-quality prints and create texture, so sometimes you have to have a hand to figure out whether the replicated material is genuine or not. Wood as a material is perfectly copied and sometimes an eye-catching pattern is added to it.Continue reading

Marbles - From light white to black

Marble is still a highly sought after material and producers have used it in a number of different ways. Marble is no longer a soft beauty in pastel tones, but a vigorous material that is a self-contained influencer in interior architecture. The mystical beauty of authentic marble has inspired manufacturers to find new textures and colors.Continue reading

The multiple faces of concrete

Concrete is a composite material consisting of coarse aggregates, which are bound by hardening cement over time. The earliest widespread users of concrete technology were the ancient Romans. After the collapse of the Roman Empire, the use of concrete became rare until this technology was reintroduced in the mid-18th century.Continue reading

New coming of terratso

The genuine terratso is a cement concrete, poured on site or produced as factory-ready tiles, which contains coloured rubble as decorative aggregate and is mainly used as floor, staircase and wall covering material, as well as for finishing pavements and patios.Continue reading

Arts and Crafts on the ceramic tile

The ceramic tile is increasingly rising as a design element, in the form of large-format colorful wall tiles, as well as a combination of small-scale 3D tiles. Manufacturers are increasingly betting on colour and play. Inspiration has been drawn from art: graphics and watercolour painting; as well as crafts: a cross-section and a quilt pattern.Continue reading

JEE-O is a modern design marvel

If you want something special in your bathroom, then arguably the most eye-catching collection comes from the Dutch manufacturer JEE-O, founded in 2003 by Lammert Moerman. The idea was to create a platform for designers to create innovative collections in collaboration with various creative people. It is based on a design concept that is innovative, minimalist and cosmopolitan in nature, bold and striking, but finely finished.Continue reading