The material plays a key role in the design

Senceramic Platos Ducha
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Vipex presents: the era of new materials and avant-garde technologies in the bathroom has arrived

New materials are lighter, more durable, more hygienic

Roca, one of Europe's largest bathroom products manufacturers latest exclusive collection Beyond is made from Roca's latest materials. The products of the Beyond series are made using a novel ceramic material – Fineceramic® and artificial stone Surfex®. Fineceramicast sinks are 40% lighter and 30% more resistant to abrasive sludge cleaners compared to regular sinks. The artificial stone Surfex® consists of a combination of minerals and resins. Thanks to its innovative technology, the material allows for the creation of forms that were not conceivable until now. In addition to the above, the Beyond series includes the Supralit® toilets. Supraliti is an exclusive antibacterial resin, the exceptional composition of which not only improves the hygiene of toilets, but also ensures greater durability of products.

The Collection Beyond is innovative and top-designed.

One-hand mixer

The renowned designer Ramón Benetito, in collaboration with Roca's team, has designed the Insignia mixer series, which is produced not only with a stainless steel finish but also in the finish of black titanium. Titanium, is a strong but light metal that does not corrode or cause skin allergies. The faucets are designed for easy use with one hand: when you pull the lever forward, warm water begins to flow, pushing back, the cold water. The models contain an aerator that limits the flow to five litres per minute. Thermostatic mixers ensure that water is reached the desired temperature immediately, reducing the waiting time and thus saving water and energy. The faucets also contain a number of safety features to prevent overheated water from burning people(the system keeps the water temperature to 38 degrees). Insignia was awarded the award for iF Design 2019.

Beyond Four
Insignia, a blender, has become a status symbol in a short time.

In addition to the above, Roca has also brought new Senceramic showers to the market. This material allows you to produce stylish design, thin and anti-slip showers that can be installed on the floor plane, thus ensuring a safe and comfortable footing. Senceramica's porosity is zero, i.e. it is a dense and therefore extremely durable material requiring little maintenance. Senceramic showers are available in all popular tones such as white, beige, coffee brown, pearl grey and onyx black.

Senceramic Platos Ducha 1
Senceramic shower stand as a nesting place for cleanliness.

Once, the bathroom was a room that often fell into neglect in the design of the home. Now, however, it has become the most important areas which requires time and thought to be designed well.