Sanitary ware

Sanitary ware

Sanitary ware and faucets play an important role in furnishing the bathroom. We have a wide selection of high-quality sinks, toilet bowls, bath and bathroom accessories. In addition to ceramics, we offer sink faucets, shower faucets, bath faucets and shower faucet sets. Our product range includes both slightly more expensive design products and cheaper design solutions from such well-known European manufacturers as Laufen, Roca, Svedbergs, Ramon Soler, Fir Italia, Jee-O, Treesse, Disegno, etc.


Svedbergs was founded in 1920 and have been making quality bathroom furniture since 1962. Today Svedbergs is the market leader in the Nordic region and the company noted on the Stockholm exchange since 1962. Svedbergs belives that you should be able to design and plan your bathroom with products from one supplier. Svedbergs will develop, manufacture, and market the complete bathroom.

Disegno Ceramica

If someone wants to add some spice to the design of their bathroom, it is worth looking at the product range of the Italian manufacturer Disegno Ceramica. Its sculptural sinks, toilets and bidets bring character to each bathroom. This is a company where designers have fun with the shape and give the objects a conical, spherical, flowerpot, vase or water tank shape. There are things "hanging" on the wall, there are legs on the ceramics. It is modern, it is classic - something suitable for any interior. For Vintagelovers there is a toilet bowl set with a flush box high on the wall, like in the old days. Read more

Ramon Soler

The firm of Ramon Soler was established in Barcelona in 1890. Four generations of entrepreneurs have now helped to steer the company, transforming it from a small metallurgy workshop into an international enterprise. Ramon Soler has always designed its own tapware mechanisms (mixer cartridges, thermostats, heads and diverters.). The company researches into new production systems, designing new fittings to make installation safe, secure and easy creating trend-setting design lines. As a result, our R+D+I department has developed more than 115 patents. This is a company philosophy deeply rooted in the past, projecting Ramon Soler into the future.

Gruppo Teesse

Gruppo Treesse, a family-owned company with Italian roots, has been moving from the production of bathroom furniture to the production of multifunctional whirlpool baths, mini-pools, shower cabins and modular saunas for more than four decades. Read more

Fir Italia

Sanitary ware manufacturer Fir Italia has been a pioneer in many fields for more than six decades. It was the first company to involve architects and designers in the product development of faucets. The year was 1970. It was also one of the first to use new materials in the design of faucet handles, such as onyx, and a wide range of colored finishes as an alternative to chrome. Read more


If you want something special in your bathroom, then arguably the most eye-catching collection comes from the Dutch manufacturer JEE-O, founded in 2003 by Lammert Moerman. The idea was to create a platform for designers to create innovative collections in collaboration with various creative people. It is based on a design concept that is innovative, minimalist and cosmopolitan in nature, bold and striking, but finely finished. Read more


Radaway is a young Polish company that has not been behind for two decades. Although young, they are very popular. It can be said that everyone knows them in their homeland. Read more


Coycama is a Spanish company that has been producing bathroom furniture since 1981. Its philosophy is simple: to achieve a stylish and durable product. The main feature of Coycama is to offer an awe-inspiring range of bathroom furniture options, a wide range of different modules, sizes, finishes, worktops and sinks, all at a good price-quality ratio.


Roca, Europe's largest manufacturer of bathroom fittings, is a pioneer in new design, materials and technology. Its products can be used to furnish the entire bathroom - the product portfolio includes sanitary ware and equipment, shower enclosures, furniture, accessories and ceramic tiles. The trump card is the collaboration with dozens and dozens of world-famous industrial designers, to name but a few: David Chipperfield, Ramón Benedito, Giorgio Armani, with whom the Armani / Roca brand has been developed. Read more


Laufen's products are unique, combining two directions: the emotional Italian design of the South and the Nordic tradition of precision and clarity.

Since the beginning of this century, the sanitary ware manufacturer Laufen has collaborated with world-famous designers. The first innovative design called Il Bagno Alessi comes from a collaboration with Italian architect and designer Stefano Giovannoni. In 2002, a completely new bathroom culture was introduced in the design, based on the emotional theory of psychoanalyst Franco Fornari : round and soft-shaped sanitary ceramics expressing health, care, relaxation and renewal. Within the framework of this cooperation, a pedestal washbasin based on the floor was born, among other things. Read more


An internationally recognized brand whose product range includes bathtubs, shower enclosures, bathroom curtains, bathroom furniture, faucets and much more. In 2019, the recognized brand turned 15 years old, because in 2004 the first Harma Victoria series faucets were produced.

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Ariston Thermo Group, one of the world's largest manufacturers of heating equipment, offers a very wide range of hot water boilers under the Ariston brand. The range includes both electric and gas-fired water heaters, as well as environmentally friendly solar solar water heaters. The range of sizes includes both small domestic water heaters and large models for supplying hot water to public buildings. Selection.



SANELA on turuliider sanitaar-elektroonika täislahenduste tootmises Tšehhis. SANELA peamine eesmärk on rahuldada ka kõige nõudlikemate klientide soove kaasaegsete sanitaarruumide ja seadmete lahenduste leidmiseks. SANELA kaubamärgiks on kõrgkvaliteetsed uue põlvkonna tooted sanitaar-elektroonikas. Tänu nende enda olemasolevale arendusosakonnale ollakse võimelised tootevalikut laiendama ning suudetakse kiiresti reageerida turu ja kliendi muutuvatele nõudmistele.