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Roca, Europe's largest manufacturer of bathroom fittings, is a pioneer in new design, materials and technology. Its products can be used to furnish the entire bathroom - the product portfolio includes sanitary ware and equipment, shower enclosures, furniture, accessories and ceramic tiles. The trump card is the collaboration with dozens and dozens of world-famous industrial designers, to name but a few: David Chipperfield, Ramón Benedito, Giorgio Armani, with whom the Armani / Roca brand has been developed.

Roca is also at the forefront of developing new materials to use it in its products. If anyone thinks that ceramic material which has proven its efficiency for centuries cant be improved, then that is far from the case. Roca has been inventing ever-new materials that are stronger, thinner, more hygienic and easy to maintain. One example is the anti-slip Senceramic® shower.

True, Roca has not forgotten to use materials known from the twilight of time when creating their products. One example is the cast iron that the company started its operations near Barcelona more than 100 years ago when it was making cast iron radiators. A dozen years later, the production of cast iron baths was started there. Even today, Roca makes a cast iron bath alongside steel and acrylic baths. For example, the Newcast series is a retro model inspired by the past, allowing the imagination to run by combining earlier eras with the most recent features and benefits.

Roca has set a goal of providing the user with greater comfort at all levels: design, functionality, user-friendliness, sustainability, technology. To this end, innovative products and solutions are being developed that extend to almost all segments.

Roca's constant product development has borne fruit: their products have received more than a few dozen Oscars in the design world. Recent additions are the Red Dot Design Awards 2020 the Red Dot Design Awards 2019 and the International Design Awards 2019, the mix series Insignia (designer Ramón Benetito) and the competition iF Design 2019. 

The century-old company began producing cast iron baths in 1929, but seven years later they accepted the challenge of producing porcelain sanitary ceramics. A quarter of a century from the start of bath production, however, brass mixers took off.

In the 1990s, the group expanded into the international market. The turning point took place in 1999 when the acquisition of the sanitary ceramics company Laufen, which was the fourth largest producer in the world at the time, was acquired. This move allowed the group to strengthen its position in new strategic markets such as Eastern Europe, Brazil and the USA. Today, Roca is a global brand, represented in more than 170 markets, with 78 manufacturing plants and over 22,000 employees worldwide.

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